Document Type : Short Communication


Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran


Despite astonishing progress concerning cardiovascular diseases, patients are still suffering from complications of acute insults. Due to reverse remodeling and improper myocyte rebuilding, heart failure has become a common problem these days which needs more powerful myocardial reconstructing strategies. Indeed, no option cases afflicted with non-healing peripheral vascular diseases; refractory stable and unstable angina is the other field with paucity of proper treatments. For these cases, stem cell-based therapies became optimistic treatment, but lack of guideline-based indications regarding stem-cell is still a major problem which limits application of these cells for such end-stage cases. Here, an outline of appropriateness criteria for stem cell-based therapy is suggested.   Keywords: Appropriate Use Criteria, Clinical Practice Guideline, Cardiovascular Diseases, Stem Cells