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Associate Professor, Preventive Pediatric Cardiology Department, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center.


Abstract  INTRODUCTION: Lifestyle habits are established from early childhood and persist for many years, almost until the end of life. Thus, healthy lifestyle education should begin in childhood. This study was conducted to train primary and middle school students about healthy lifestyle via school campaigns and evaluate the results. methods: One-hundred primary and middle school students were selected. Topics on healthy lifestyle were included in their New Year homework book (Peyk-e-Noroozi). Their knowledge about healthy lifestyle was evaluated via questionnaires. Data were analyzed with SPSS and Student's t-test (P<0.05). results: The most significant learning of students from Peyk-e-Noroozi in both primary and middle school was the importance of physical activity and exercise (32% in primary school students and 37% in middle school students, P<0.05). Learning about healthy lifestyle from Peyk-e-Noroozi was significantly higher in primary school students than in middle school students (82% vs. 57%, P=0.04). Discussion: Our study suggests that healthy lifestyle education via school campaigns and media may have considerable effect on primary and middle school students. Such simple and feasible modes of educations should be integrated with the existing educational curricula.Keywords . Education . Lifestyle . School students . School campaign . Peyk-e-Noroozi