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Professor, Biostatistics and Epidemiology Department, School of Health, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.


Abstract  INTRODUCTION: The use of illicit drugs is increasingly prevalent among young people in many countries. The adverse consequences of drug use by youth includes dependence, overdose, accidents, physical and psychological damage, and premature death. methods: This cross-sectional was conducted on men at least 15 years old in Isfahan. Data were collected using two questionnaires filled out in a prison and in a city square in summer, 2003. The samples numbered 6400 and the variables included age, level of education, job, the prevalence of smoking, the prevalence of cigarette smoking in addicts, the prevalence of illicit drug use in cigarette smokers, age of beginning to smoke, and type of used substance. results: Data showed the prevalence of illicit drug use to be 5±0.4% in men over 15 years living in Isfahan. The prevalence of opiates use relative to cigarette smoking was 22 %, and the prevalence of cigarette smoking relative to opiates use was 94.5%. Discussion: Opium and heroin were found to be the most commonly used opioids. The onset age of smoking and addiction was also found to have decreased. These findings must be kept in mind when planning preventive and therapeutic programs.Keywords . Addiction prevalence . Cigarette smoking . Isfahan . Illicit drugs