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Research Manager, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center.


non-Communicable Disease (NCD) accounts for a large and increasing burden of disease worldwide. It is currently estimated that NCDs accounts for approximately 59% of global deaths and 43% of the global disease burden; this is projected to increase to 73% of deaths and 60% of disease burden by 2020.1 In comparison, NCDs in low- and middle-income populations accounts for 78% of the global NCD burden and for 85% of the global CVD burden of disease.2 Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the most important single cause of NCD, accounting in 2001 for 29% of all deaths and 10% of the global disease burden.3 The incidence of CVD has been rising steadily in low- and middle-income populations, so that approximately three-quarters of global deaths from CVD now occur in that populations.4