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MD. Cardiologist, Physiology Research Center, Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman.


Abstract   BACKGROUND: cardiovascular diseases are prevalent in diabetic patients and have a worse prognosis than patients without diabetes. Its cause is the high incidence of risk factors. In this study, we investigated the quality of control of cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic patients.   METHOD AND MATERIALS: In this observational study, 514 cases of diabetes were studied. These cases included 142 males (27.6%) and 372 females (72.4%) referring to diabetes clinic of Kerman medical university from 1999 to 2007. All data were extracted from the patients’ profile and entered in the forms. Data were analyzed using SPSS v 11.5.   RESULTS: The results showed that the mean age of the subjects was 57.18 (± 10.33) and the mean body mass index was 26.29 (± 4.66) kg/m2.Based on the first visit, the incidence of obesity, dislipidemia and hypertension was 17.5%, 84.6% and 62.2%, respectively. Of all the subjects, 32.8% had 2 risk factors, 41.40% had 3 and 18.87% had more than 3 risk factors. The frequency of controlled risk factors such as FBS‚ HbA1C‚ triglyceride‚ cholesterol‚ HDL level more than 40 in males and 50 in females (based on the average of total visits) was 10.1%‚ 20%.6‚57.4%‚ 38.9%‚ 39.8%‚ respectively. The frequency of systolic and diastolic blood pressure of less than 130/80 mmHg was 67.9% and 52.1%.     CONCLUSION: This study shows the high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in diabetics‚ the poor control over these factors and points out the importance of diagnostic-therapeutic interventions for a more accurate control over cardiovascular risk factors. Keywords: prevalence, cardiovascular diseases, risk factors, diabetes.