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Cardiologist, Cardiology department, Imam khomieni Hospital, School of medicine, Tehran University of Medical sciences, Tehran.


Abstract    BACKGROUND: Chronic stable angina is a common disease afflicting millions of people worldwide. The purpose of this study was to assess whether normal electrocardiogram (ECG) in this group of patients would mean normal cardiac systolic function.    METHODS: Ejection fraction was determined by cardiac angiography in 389 consecutive patients with chronic stable angina who had normal resting ECG. Data was analyzed using t-test in SPSS 10.5.    RESULTS: Only 15 patients (3.9%) with chronic stable angina and normal resting ECG had impaired cardiac systolic function (low ejection fraction).     CONCLUSION: Although a normal ECG by no means exclude possibility of coronary artery disease in patients with symptoms consistent with chronic stable angina, it makes the presence of left ventricular systolic function less likely and might predict a better prognosis.      Keywords: cardiac systolic function, stable angina, electrocardiogram.