Document Type : Case Report


1 Interventionist, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran

2 Interventionist, Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center, Isfahan


Lower extremity complications are the most common problems encountered during transfemoral diagnostic coronary artery angiography. Dissection, thrombosis and perforation of arteries of lower extremities although not uncommon, very rarely occur simultaneously. We did not find any report in the literature in this issue. In this report we describe a case of simultaneous occurrence of all three complications during coronary angiography in one patient. It also represents some of our uncertainties regarding the best management of the patient. In this patient, arterial perforation and dissection was managed conservatively, but we applied an invasive treatment (surgical thrombectomy) for arterial thrombosis with excellent short and long-term results.      Keywords: Perforation, dissection, thrombosis, external iliac artery, acute arterial occlusion.